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‘Likes’ pictures

Not more stuff up on the walls? I think I might be on a roll. Actually, I tell a lie. I think my sister might be on a roll. She made us these rather wonderful personalised pictures, and I am … Continue reading

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Baby steps

Sometimes when I am contemplating the gap between our-house-in-my-head, and our-house-as-it-is, I feel a bit depressed by it. I then often go and sit on the sofa, half-watching trashy TV, half-surfing the net with the laptop. It’s a very mature, … Continue reading

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Has re-organising half of one cupboard ever been more thoroughly hyped?! Yup. Here is it. The results of my mini-makeover. All the stuff I’d ordered arrived, and yesterday evening I put it all together, took everything out, and put it … Continue reading

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