Exterior of cupboard

Has re-organising half of one cupboard ever been more thoroughly hyped?!

Interior of drawing cupboardYup. Here is it. The results of my mini-makeover. All the stuff I’d ordered arrived, and yesterday evening I put it all together, took everything out, and put it all back again. I felt very soothed.

Muffin tray caddy for drawing materialsSo did the plan come together? Yes, in general. The muffin tray cups did not work as well as I’d hoped. I can’t figure out whether this is because of the design of the cups, or a problem with the magnetic stick-on stuff, or just because it was a slightly silly idea in the first place.

Basically, the lovely Ikea cups are not completely flat on the base, but have a small ‘lip’ running all the way around. This means that when I’ve cut out a circle of sticky magnetic sheet, it sits inside the lip, and therefore doesn’t touch the muffin tray, and, er, therefore doesn’t really stick. I did try cutting out another circle and sticking two together, in case that helped. It didn’t.

So I just placed the rest of the cups into the tray, and only time will tell if this is going to be helpful or not. The thing that should really help is storing all those crayons and things vertically. And what do I take from this picture, other than the fact that it’s horribly grainy (sorry) because it turns out that the cupboard corner of my front room is like a black hole, sucking all the natural light out of a sunny day, and funnelling it somewhere far away from my camera?

Well, I can probably safely stop buying boxes of crayons. Which is a helpful realisation in itself, and should stop a few un-necessary panic purchases in the future!

I am also pleased by the fact that there are two cups empty. I know it’s not aesthetically pleasing, but I find few things more frustrating than new storage which is instantly full, and therefore not future-proofed. Supposing I find some new wonderful drawing product tomorrow, for an amazingly bargainous price? I can buy it, safe in the knowledge that the blue and green cups are sitting empty; expectant and hopeful for just such a purchase.

Shoe-holder adapted to hold art materialsThe shoe-holder is a measured success until I attach it to the door in a more secure fashion. I put it up using the metal over-door hangers it came with, but I am definitely still planning to get some velcro Command strips and to fix it using those instead. The over-door hangers are far too rattly (and will almost certainly result in the whole thing being pulled off by over-excited hands very soon) not to mention that they show on the front of my lovely bureau when the door is closed, and might even scratch it. Not acceptable.

But on the other hand, cutting a large shoe-hanger down to size was almost hilariously easy. I literally just chopped it up with scissors, then hemmed it back up again. I shortened the top, and cut down the size of the pockets by just hacking across, by eye, with a pair of scissors. There are only a couple of things in there at the moment, but  I think I’ll put more in as India gets older and a bit more reliable. Probably some reasonably front room-safe sticking materials: Pritt-stick, a box of googly eyes, some foam shapes. That sort of thing. The kind of material that walks that fine line between being exciting to the under fours, but also having limited ability to completely trash the room in an irreparable way.

Cupboard interior

And I do love the letter-trays. Having the paper, in particular, accessible, and able to be pulled out, without dislodging an entire teetering pile, is fabulous. Currently the top tray is for paper, and the bottom one is for scribbling colouring books.  I think I might even get another one, so we can have one tray for paper, one for colouring books, and one for stickers. I also plan to glue the trays together (is this the excuse I have been looking for to purchase a glue gun?) , to make sure that keen little grabbing hands don’t dislodge them.

You might notice the butterfly oversize pencil-case next to the trays. This contains the felt-tip pens. Putting them here is something of a risk. I am basically risking the future of my sofas on the overall chance that India probably won’t figure out what’s in it, and probably won’t grab it and open it up speculatively. Hmmm. Even just typing out those words is making me feel a bit nervous. I might take a break from posting, and move it…

And what’s that on the floor? Well, I realised that the magnetic doodle-pad, if it’s going to be accessible, would have to be either on a shelf on its own, which would be a monstrous waste of space, or somewhere else. So I put it somewhere else, which is to say on the floor. Problem solved.

And there you have it. My re-organised cupboard. Now, what next?

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3 Responses to Unveiling

  1. Elli says:

    Our craft stuff SO BADLY needs sorting out.
    Blu-tac to fix the bowls to the muffin tray?

  2. rachel says:

    Blu-tac might work…! I am still a bit gutted that the magnetic sheeting was not useful, to be honest. But the tray itself is still working really well. And it’s soooo handy being able to grab one cup, and put it straight out onto the table ready for drawing.
    All our craft stuff is stowed in the kitchen in big plastic boxes. Not perfect, but it’ll do!

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