‘Likes’ pictures

Not more stuff up on the walls? I think I might be on a roll.

'likes' picturesActually, I tell a lie. I think my sister might be on a roll. She made us these rather wonderful personalised pictures, and I am so in love with them that almost the second she walked through the door holding the folder that contained them, I ripped it out of her hands, put them into their frames, and put them up on the wall that night.

The idea is that you provide her with a list of things you like, and she turns it into these amazing pictures. (If you like the look of this, she has very enterprisingly set up an Etsy shop here.) There is much to be pleased at here. First of all the fact that there is lots of lettering, something that I have long loved on anything. The personalisation is naturally also very pleasing. But I only realised when I kept reading mine and smiling, how nice it is just to have a list of lovely things up on the wall.

This picture above means you can read more of the things we chose. My favourite ones are India’s love of ‘DANCING (TURNING AROUND LOOKING PLEASED)’, my ‘THINGS IN THE SHAPE OF STARS’, Oli’s ‘WINNING THINGS’ and Rosa’s ‘CONKERS AND PEBBLES’. I am also very happy that the girls’ pictures will function as a bit of a snapshot of who they are right now, and their current preoccupations. Doubtless it will only be a very short period of time before they find them incredibly babyish and humiliating… but isn’t it my role to humiliate them, really?

'likes' pictures

I haven’t ever put pictures up as a geometric block before, and the square-ness of the formation is a nice feature, particularly right by the front door which is panelled, with frosted glass with clear lines, so there are a lot of lines and right angles round there.

They are hanging right by the front door so that you can read them as you’re coming in. I like how they function as a visual key to who lives here: This is our house. These are the things we like. Come on in and have a cuppa.

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5 Responses to ‘Likes’ pictures

  1. Elli says:

    Really sweet.
    Very notonthehighstreet.
    Did sister come up with the lists of things you like or did you provide?

  2. Cassandra says:

    Those are really lovely actually. What a great present! Your sister is v talented. :-)

  3. I love these, they are so unusual. I’m a big fan of hanging things that are personal on the walls, so much nicer than just buying the same as everyone else. Just found your blog so going to have a little nosy at your posts now!

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