On the other hand

It was only in my last post that I was planning all manner of sensible (ok, very slightly frivolous, but largely sensible) things to do with my kitchen-wardrobe-cupboard corner.

There it is again, in case you’d forgotten how random it’s looking at the moment. And since that post, I have very sensibly finished clearing out the wardrobe, and even listed it on ebay. I really wasn’t joking about getting rid of it. If you want it, let’s talk. And of course I have been mentally rehearsing my plans for the newly empty corner, which include a magnetic blackboard painted onto the wall, some children’s art display space, some stuff up on the walls, and even a low-level spice rack-come-bookcase for some low-level reading material for the girls to ignore as they empty the cleaning cupboard / rip up my recipe books.

K6 red phone box

Image from X2 Connect

But earlier this week I was reading the Times property section, as you do, and my eye fell upon an article about BT selling off a fresh batch of their original phone boxes. Curses to the Times paywall: I can’t link to the article here, and I refuse out of a sense of moral duty to link to where the same story was featured in the Daily Mail. So you’ll have to take my word for it. Or look at X2 Connect Telecom Solutions’ website here.

I have a real soft spot for red phone boxes. I like to think it’s a very hip, knowing thing where I am very fond of all manner of iconic pieces of British imagery because they fit in with my quirky decorating style. And it’s true that there may be a grain of truth in this. But I fear it might mainly be old-fashioned nostalgia. Or an abiding fondness for the colour red.  Whatever it is, it is definitely the case that these phone boxes are a piece of British history, and pretty damn cool to boot. And for only £2000-ish, really something of a bargain. (Before you scoff, remember you are talking to the woman who, when she heard they were selling off old Routemasters for three grand, engaged in a semi-serious conversation with a friend about where on earth you could keep one, if you were to invest…)

So once again, I was sitting at the kitchen table, and was reflecting on how great old-fashioned phoneboxes are as I read the article. And I thought to myself, “Yes, but where on earth would I put one?” when suddenly, in a strange echo of what happened last time, my eyes were lifted from the Times property section to my erstwhile wardrobe corner.

And for a moment, I really believed it could happen. I thought to myself, “Yes! We could totally do this! The kitchen already has a red print up on the wall. When we redecorate, it could be a monochrome kitchen with a few red accents, one of which would be our very own phone box! Only two grand – surely it could only appreciate in value?! It would be an investment of the very smartest kind. We could put frosted window film up on the glass, and use it to solve the under-stair cupboard dilemma. It would be the coolest, most iconic storage solution that our hoover and ironing board have EVER seen! When our house is featured in Living Etc, the editor would pull out our ‘phone box kitchen cupboard’ in her letter at the front of the magazine, swooning over how much she loved it, and commenting that our sense of style and humour epitomised all that was best about british interiors!”

And then I woke up.

It is a pretty cool idea, though, isn’t it?

Ah well. One day, in my fantasy home….

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