A productive month

Time for a little playhouse update? Yes- I think so.

You may remember that I shared some grand plans for the playhouse a while back. Have those plans been realised? Hell – no. Not in any way. I do have a good excuse, though. But more on that later.

Playhouse updateBut, look. It’s looking rather better in there, isn’t it? In essence, I have finished painting the outside. And I have found two little shelving units and mounted them on the walls. It’s the small shelving units that are giving me the most pleasure. (I do like to keep up the pretence that everything I do in the playhouse is an unselfish act carried out only with the pleasure of the girls in mind. This is a big lie. The playhouse is all for MEMEME, and is based on the kind of playhouse that I would have loved as a girl, and that I like to look at now, and any play value for any under 5s who may or may not be allowed into it is entirely incidental. I hope that’s clear…)

Playhouse plate rack

These shelves are especially pleasing to me. I found them on ebay, and spray painted them grey. I would have gone for white, but I knew that I wanted the internal walls to be white eventually, and I didn’t want them to be so camouflaged as to be effectively invisible. Of course, I could have asked the girls what colour they wanted them to be… but they would have chanted, “PINK!” in unison. So I just quietly got on with spraying them grey. The bit of these shelves that I am most pleased with, though, is the hooks at the bottom. Yes, these borrow heavily from my inspiration playhouse. And don’t they look amazing? There is something really adorable about the way that the cups hang at the bottom. (Something adorable, and entirely wasted on the girls, who of course immediately take all the cups off, and strew them around the garden…)

We then visited the 99p shop, on the look-out for things to put on the shelves. And the 99p shop rose splendidly to the occasion, yielding a set of purple plastic baskets, a set of metal bowls, and a small green bucket. Even more pleasingly, I realised at the beginning of the summer that what we really needed was a plastic tea-set to live in the playhouse… then remembered that we HAD a plastic teaset, which the girls had been given as a Christmas present, and which I’d carefully stowed away. A quick raid of the attic, and there it was. All the pleasure of buying a new one, with none of the cost.

Play house spice rack

This little set of drawers I think was originally intended to be a spice rack. It’s missing a drawer, but I don’t think that matters, since it makes the top drawer into a small shelf. I found these drawers at a local fete / festival, where they were on sale for the princely sum of £5. I was particularly pleased with myself, since these kinds of fortuitous finds don’t tend to happen to me very often. I squirreled them away, and after a few days where I flirted with the idea of storing paperclips in them, and hanging them up in the study, eventually went back to my first plan, and hung them up in the playhouse. Where, just as with the plate rack, I find them very pleasing indeed. (Er. Yes. You can also see in this picture how the girls went a bit mad with crayons one day and drew on the interior walls. It was on Oli’s watch, not mine. He told them it was ok, because we would eventually be painting the inside. I raised my eyebrows at him in what I hope was an expressive way.)

Playhouse interim stageSo I think we’re getting there. Next is to mend the broken window, paint the internal walls white, and add curtains. Then I think I’d like to find a blackboard. And something more decorative for the walls, maybe a picture or two, and perhaps the letters, ‘I’, ‘R’ and ‘P’, for the girls’ names.

And yes, you read that correctly. Three initial letters, for three lovely girls. I was going to start this post by claiming not to have had a very productive month. Then I realised that I have, whilst undeniably neglecting the house, in fact had a very productive month indeed. The most productive you could imagine, since I produced a baby on the 27th October.

PersephoneHer name is Persephone, and this is her at less than 24 hours old. She has the grumpiest expression, and the fattest cheeks, in East London. As well she might, arriving at a frankly eye-watering 11lb 5oz. We are all rather taken with her, particularly India, who at 2 years old, was by no means guaranteed to tolerate, let alone like her. India shouts, “Baby Seffie!” excitedly at her every time she sees her, and is so far only grumpy when told she’s can’t hold / kiss / cuddle her on demand.

Persephone’s arrival further cements my desire to find things to do on the house that are a) cheap b) quick and c) child-friendly. The blog updates might be sparse, but they will be coming. Until next time….

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11 Responses to A productive month

  1. Anna @ the imagination tree says:

    Oh my goodness! She’s totally adorable!! I adore her cheeks. And why a gorgeous name. How on earth did you birth that may I ask?!?! Major congrats to you Rachel!! Xxx

    • rachel says:

      Frankly I have no idea how I pushed her out. Good job I didn’t know beforehand how enormous she was, I suppose! (and yes, the cheeks are really quite special, aren’t they? They have gone down a little now, and I miss the excess squidge already…)

  2. Madeleine says:

    Oooh, I LOVE the playhouse. This is my first visit to your blog. As an older child (tweenie kind of age), my parents got my sister and I a shed for Christmas and we had a great time putting up a shelf and a fence and painting flowers on the walls inside but my mum always said we should have had it at a younger age so now your girls can live my dream (as well as yours!)

    • rachel says:

      Hi Madeleine – welcome! I am glad to hear your shed had some longevity… my poor eldest may well be in her teens by the time I get enough spare time to fulfill some of the ideas I have for the playhouse!

  3. Madeleine says:

    pah – I forgot to say that P is very, very lovely!

  4. Heather says:

    That was indeed a very productive month. Congratulations, she’s gorgeous. And I love the playhouse too!

  5. Alreethinny says:

    I was very impressed with the shelving unit, until I spot the photo of your new baby, she is gorgeous…….congratulations! We had a pale blue painted shed as a playhouse when I was little, loved it, still have fond memories it now.

  6. Jane says:

    Congratulations – she is absolutely beautiful!

  7. rachel says:

    Thank you all for the congratulations! We are very fond of her already (it helps that she is also very peaceful and reasonably good at sleeping. Obviously I would love her anyway. But I confess it’s – ah – a little easier to do so when she is being lovely as well as looking lovely ;)

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