Lovely personalised art

Regular readers (and a big ‘hello‘ to both of you) will know I’m a sucker for personalised art.

The vague ‘to buy’ list I carry around in my head of stuff for the house is not committed to paper, nor to Word document or blog entry, partly for fear that it’s massive length will finally finish off the rainforests or break the internet. But partly also because there is a chance that there would be so very much personalised art on it that I would have to confess to myself that even the aching empty expanse that is most of the walls in this house is still not large enough to contain it. I sometimes have a look through the personalised section of ‘not on the high street’… but have to stop myself because I start to dribble on the keyboard.

Another great love of mine is lettering. I know we’re all supposed to be over filling our homes full of big letters, and three dimensional exhortations to ‘believe’, ‘eat’, ‘bathe’, etc. But I can’t help it. I still love them.

So you’ll understand that a piece of artwork like this is my fatal flaw.  And I mean that in a good way.

'Hester' personalised artwork

A personalised name dictionary definition print. Be still, my beating heart. Fabulously and touchingly personalised and just stuffed with lovely lettering. And what is the only thing that could make it even better? It’s designed and sold by my lovely and enterprising sister on etsy. Yup, the same one who made our ‘likes’ posters. I am more than a little in awe of how creative and entrepreneurial she is.

I love it. I love the phonetic pronunciation guide at the top. I love how it looks like a very serious dictionary definition until you start to read it more carefully. The realist in me fears that probably it would be overkill to get one for each member of our family when we already have our ‘likes’ pictures up in pride of place in the hall. (Where, incidentally, they are oft admired, and only occasionally knocked onto the floor.) But I am seriously wondering about a definition print for our family surname, which is Oli’s and mine combined and hence completely made up and strange pretty unusual.

Anyway. I am hoping that as Persephone gets bigger and more predictable, and as the evenings draw out, I will attack some more corners of our house with renewed vigour. But for the moment I just thought I’d blog about this, as it’s rather lovely. If you think so too, you can get one of your very own from here. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Lovely personalised art

  1. Oh be still my heart I love this idea so much