Paralysed by indecision

Obviously the list of things I would like to do to the house is as never-ending as the laundry. But I was reflecting recently how several of the things I would really like to add somewhere in our home are things that I really actively love. Things which, if you asked me for some of my top interiors favourites, would easily come to mind. But things which – crucially – I haven’t actually yet PUT ANYWHERE IN MY ACTUAL HOUSE.

It struck me quite forcibly when I was trying to plan where to put a chalkboard wall. I love blackboard paint. I own a tin of it, which has been sitting downstairs in the basement for at least a year. There are at least three surfaces in the house that I would like to paint with it. And because I can’t choose between them, what have I done? Well, absolutely nothing, of course. Ditto garlands, which I keep thinking I am slightly obsessed with but then am forced to realise that surely if this were the case, my house would be full of them.

So I therefore thought I would set myself a challenge. And to make myself accountable, I would write a blog post about ‘the things I love so much that I want them in every room, can’t decide where to put them, and therefore keep putting it all off and don’t actually have any of them anywhere‘.

So here it is. My personal challenge of four lovely things, inspired to a large extent by three lovely bloggers.

1. Garlands


Check out this beautiful feather garland by Kate from Crafts on Sea! I love bunting and garlands, and all things strung from string.. Although it’s true we do have some bunting around the house (birthday bunting, Christmas bunting, and bunting in the girls’ room. Oh, and we make seasonal bunting to hang in the kitchen. That’s quite a lot actually… ) we definitely do not have any permanent bunting downstairs, and we certainly do not have garlands. Kate made this one herself, by simply stringing feathers onto baker’s twine. Which is such a simple idea, but really effective. Seeing it look so lovely makes me want to string postcards up, or flowers, or anything really.

I have started to make heart garlands for the girls. And I want to add a felt garland of some kind to the picture ledge I have just put up in our room (on which, more later). But I think overall our house is very top-heavy in terms of decor. The bedrooms are generally in a better state than downstairs, despite downstairs being where I spent almost all of my time. So my garland plan is:

– finish heart garlands for the girls
– put up a garland somewhere downstairs where I can see it.

2. Wall stickers

Tidy away today - wall stickerThis wall sticker is from Tidy Away Today, from Antonia’s coffee corner. I have to say that I am normally very firmly #teamtea but I am willing to overlook such small-minded loyalty to point out what a lovely wall sticker this is. I love wall stickers generally- there are some lovely animal ones in Persephone’s room, but none downstairs for me. And I couldn’t tell you why this is. Maybe because I love them so much it feels too important to choose them. Which is doubly ironic since the whole point of wall stickers is that they are a low cost, low commitment way of decorating the walls.

Meaning that my wall sticker challenge is very simple: buy a wall sticker and put it up somewhere.

3. Pom poms / honeycomb balls

Love Chic Living - honeycomb ballsWhen I was planning a nursery for India, I was determined to hang tissue paper pom poms over the cot. I bookmarked some and planned how striking they would look. And yet, and yet, in the hustle and bustle of preparing to have our second baby, there was never a good time to fork out for the pom poms. So I’d almost forgotten them when I was forcibly reminded by reading this post in Love Chic Living. Jen hung these up in her dining room / den, and I just love them. I think they look so colourful and striking.

So I resolve to put up some tissue paper spheres, in either pom pom or honeycomb form, just as I wanted to – erm – three years ago.

4. Chalkboard wall

I have already mentioned this one, but am illustrating it here with another picture from Tidy Away Today, this time of Antonia’s chalkboard wall in her kitchen. Here, she’s decorated it for Christmas, as well as the handy calendar. I think it looks fab.

Meanwhile, in my home, I have mused over painting the top of the girls’ craft table in blackboard paint. Also the door that leads down to the basement. Also part of the wall in the kitchen. Also one of the walls outside the kitchen in the hall. Obviously the main limiting factors to my painting things with chalkboard paint are 5, 3 and 16 months old, and are normally found running around my house destroying things. But in addition to the girls, I think I have been worried that I might choose the wrong place and regret it.

So I have decided to seize the day. To carpe the diem. I am going to paint something with chalkboard paint, and hang the consequences. This is my final challenge.

To recap, then. In the next six months I am going to:

– finish heart garlands for the girls
– put up a garland somewhere downstairs where I can see it
– buy wall sticker and put it up somewhere
– put up some tissue paper spheres
– paint something with chalkboard paint.

And you will have to hold me to it!

Rachel(with thanks to Kate from Crafts on Sea, Antonia from Tidy Away Today, and Jen from Love Chic Living both for their inspiration, and for kind permission to use their pictures)


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5 Responses to Paralysed by indecision

  1. Jen says:

    Haha, oh I feel your indecision Rachel, and suffer from it myself. I’m a true procrastinator when it comes to decorating and interior design. I love so many things, I can never decide which to go for. My bathroom has had about 10 paint testers squares on the wall for a month now, and we’re still no closer to choosing the final colour! Thanks for featuring me, and for your kind words. Go for it on the pom poms :)

  2. Ahh, thank you for sharing my garland, my husband thinks it is totally mental but is putting up with it for now ;) I’m also desperate to put some honeycomb balls up, I think they look amazing!!

  3. Sounds a familiar story! The garland pompoms have just given me an idea for how to have a hanging pendant feature over our dining table – without the lighting element. Gathering the good ideas is one thing – putting them into action is important too.

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