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I have always had a bit of a thing for a decorative mirror. Long before I had a whole house to prettify, when I was a student living in college accommodation, my sister bought me a beautiful wooden mirror shaped like a sun, and at the beginning of each term I would hang it lovingly above my mantlepiece.

Now that our sitting room is finally back in action (more on that to come!) I realised that I would need to take some firm action to make it look really finished. Specifically, i would need to Put Some Stuff Up On The Walls. This was not as straightforward a task to accomplish as it might sound, complicated by the fact that in knocking through between two rooms we had (of course) lost two walls. This meant that even if I was up for recreating exactly the way that things had been beforeĀ  – which I wasn’t at all up for, since the look that these rooms used to have was eclectic at best and depressingly messy at worst – it would have been impossible to do so.

So I was starting entirely from scratch, and in doing so I realised the room had a few spaces which were just aching for something lovely to go there. Like this one above the piano.

Corner by corner - a blank canvasLet’s pause for a moment, shall we, to admire the collection of things on top of the piano first? I am remarkably pleased with them. When the painting was first done, and we moved back into the sitting room, I was struck by how little I liked all of our things, suddenly. All our furniture, placed against our new wooden floors and freshly painted walls, had a certain junkshop look to it. And not in a good way. All our ornaments and fripperies I was suddenly tired of.

So rather than following my instinct, and buying huge amounts of stuff, I instead got more strategic. I bought a small amount of stuff (here, the wooden ampersand is new), and then cast a critical eye around the house for other things I could use. My cream cakestand normally lives in the kitchen, but moved into the sitting room, it suddenly took on a decorative function. Similarly the cut glass flaggon / pitcher normally sits in a slightly unloved way high up on a shelf, but now has a function holding the keys to the new french doors. i combined these with a few hydrangeas cut from the garden, a pot I made in school, a picture and a photo frame and … ta dah! A lovely collection of things, almost all of them retrieved from around the house, placed together in a new way and looking newly lovely.

Corner by corner - on top of the pianoAll it needed was something above it. So it was serendipitous when I got an email from Culture Vulture Direct giving me the opportunity to review something from their website. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t previously heard of them. But being someone who loves both homewares and online shopping, I am always pleased to find a new place to browse online. And it was the Lotus Mosaic Mirror which really spoke to me. ‘Put me in your home’, it said. ‘I could sit beautifully and stylishly above your piano. I would be a focal point. A lovely feature. Do it.’

And who am I to argue with that?

Corner by corner - piano and mirrorI was initially worried when it arrived that it might have been damaged in the post. But in fact the slightly ripped paper concealed beneath it a very healthy amount of bubble wrap and cardboard, meaning that the mirror itself was pristine. Hanging it up was the work of a few moments, made much easier by the fact that the hanging loop for the nail is very close to the upper edge of the mirror. Is it just me who gets all flustered when hanging things up, and trying to mark out where I want it to go, and then measuring how far down the nail will need to be? Anyway, this was very easy, which I appreciated.

Corner by corner - mirror from Culture Vulture DirectAnd my goodness, this mirror is just GORGEOUS. I can see it from where I am currently sitting, tapping away on the laptop on the sofa, and even now a few days after putting it up, I keep catching myself by surprise with how much I love it.

Corner by corner - mosaic mirror detailI am prepared to admit that this is partly some lucky happenstance in the design. As well as being a bit obsessed by mirrors, I am also, coincidentally, extremely keen on things that are a sun / star / flower shape. I am also very partial to mosaics. And as if that weren’t enough, the royal blue / purple when the light hits it colour is pretty much my favourite colour in the world.

But I do think that as well as being an almost spookily personal design for me, it’s just an objectively beautiful mirror.

Corner by corner - lotus mirrorIt bounces light around the room in a very pleasing way. It’s striking without being arresting or distracting. And it’s light enough that I put it up with a simple nail but am not constantly concerned it will come crashing down onto the heads of my unsuspecting children. You can see from the close-ups above that the mosaic detailing is simple and even and well-grouted. It’s not a stunningly artistic piece of mosaic (I have seen some amazing mosaics that made me want to weep because they were so well executed and beautiful. Equally, I didn’t buy those mosaics because they were such fabulous works of art that they were quite rightly very expensive.) but it isn’t at all shoddy looking like some mosaic items can be.

I think we can conclude that this represents a big thumbs up from me. I am certainly adding Culture Vulture Direct to my list of online places to shop. Especially after having a quick browse of their garden planters and ornaments (I haveĀ some big plans for my side return….)

Until next time, I hope you are all enjoying this surprisingly warm summer,

Disclaimer: this mirror was sent to me for review purposes, but all the opinions on it are my own.

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  1. Eliza says:

    Ooh it looks gorgeous – love the mosaic tile colours!