Simplest, fastest DIY bunting ever

Corner by corner - the simplest, fastest ever DIY buntingI think it’s fair to say I am quite a fan of bunting. I have already blogged about the birthday bunting I made to string up over the mantelpiece during family birthdays. I also made Christmas bunting. Oh, and bunting for the play house. The long and the short of it is that this house isn’t short of bunting.

But isn’t it true that you can never have too much bunting? The nay sayers may find it twee, or too ubiquitous. But I say, ‘When in doubt, bunt.’ Which is to say, when in doubt, hang up some bunting. Furthermore, much of the bunting we have is seasonal, and hence only makes a quick appearance and then is put away. I am currently much enamoured of a more fun, quick-win approach to decorating the house. I am tired of waiting for an expensive forever solution that may never materialise. And when bunting is this quick and cheap to make, why wait or agonise over it? Just hang it up until you’re tired of it.

Corner by corner - workspace 'before' shotThe genesis of this mini project is our new ‘workspace’ area. Before we knocked through our reception rooms, we had an entire (huge) study. This room was theoretically dedicated to books and quiet work. In actual fact it was dedicated to wheeled items (buggies, scooters, bikes, trikes) and to piles of things that didn’t quite fit anywhere else. Now we have stripped this all back, gained a massive amount of living space, but lost a separate room for work. So I am trying to create a new workspace.

This is the ‘before’ shot. You can see our filing cabinet, which I am hoping to spray paint. You can see my framed bus blind which is going up on the wall above the desk, which actually used to belong to my parents. The desk is scruffy, and has been partially sanded, but it’s solid and sturdy and lovely. Note the touching details of real family life: the halloween costume hanging artfully on the back of the door on the far left of the picture. The empty Ikea under bed storage box in explicably placed next to the desk.

I have all sorts of plans for this workspace. I have (naturally an entire Pinterest board dedicated to collecting ideas for the kind of slightly off-beat, brightly coloured, eclectic look I want to go for. But I arrived back home today, realised I had just under 45 minutes to myself, and suddenly was seized with the urge to do something small-scale, something creative, and something that would brighten up this sorry little corner.

Reader, I made bunting.

Corner by corner - notebook from TigerI had been pondering making some miniature paper bunting to hang over a pegboard, but then I suddenly remembered I had bought this notebook of triangular thin cardboard at Tiger the other weekend. What could be easier than ripping out little triangles of brightly-coloured card and sewing them together? I decided that even though the triangles were many times larger than I’d planned, I would go for it anyway. What harm could it do?

Corner by corner - making simple buntingIt was so simple that I am almost embarrassed to provide instructions. I literally just fed the triangles into my sewing machine. I got a bit over-excited and had a few false starts: a wobbly line on my first triangle, a bobbin that ran out…. But it took only a few minutes to select my next colour, and feed that one in.

Corner by corner - simple DIY buntingAnd doesn’t it look great? The cheery rainbow colours are exactly what I needed. The bunting won’t be permanent – I am already planning something here above the desk which may include any or all of a pegboard, some Ikea hanging storage, and some framed prints. But for now, I think it lifts a space that was starting to look rather sad. It took me all of about ten minutes – it probably took longer to find the sellotape to stick it up and take pictures of it than it did to make it. And it only cost whatever the pad cost. Which would be a much better point if I could remember. But Tiger is very cheap, so let’s say £2 and wait to see if I am corrected!

You can see on the desk some of the other things I have made plans for, too.

Corner by corner - tooth mugs for pensThese tooth mugs from Ikea are destined to hold pens of some kind.

Corner by  corner - mugs from Tiger for pensThese ceramic mugs from Tiger were also only a couple of pounds each, and I thought would similarly be perfect for storage. I can’t quite envisage how I will use them yet, but they were so achingly hip that I couldn’t resist purchasing them. Perhaps an arrangement of three like this?

Corner by corner - mugs for pen storageAnd I have bought another small set of wooden drawers, after the success of the ones I adapted for the girls.

Corner by corner - wooden drawers from IkeaI am very tempted to also spray paint these yellow, but then I plan to paint a chair yellow to put at this desk (and you’ll note my lucky yellow satchel) so I worry that might be a bit much yellow. Also, I am worried that this mini chest of drawers might not be quite mini enough. So it may be re-assigned to toy storage. Everything is up in the air.

Corner by corner - happy DIY buntingOk, let me rephrase. Everything is up in the air, but now also strewn with happy bunting. Which was also amazingly cheap, and hilariously fast to make. Which strikes me as a bit of a result.

Until next time: if in doubt, bunt. It’s a great life rule. Trust me.



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9 Responses to Simplest, fastest DIY bunting ever

  1. Wow. Brilliant. Really brightens up that corner. I must post about my straw bunting. Another really easy one that looks great!

  2. Vicky says:

    That bunting is genius – and I love, love, love Tiger, it’s probably one of my favourite shops. Love the mugs too, think I might have to pay a trip to our nearest branch this weekend!

    • rachel says:

      Tiger is such a guilty pleasure. I hear Father Christmas might be sending some of his elves there this year for stocking fillers, too…

  3. Jaime Oliver says:

    oh i am a complete bunting lover but i have never made any as i am frightened it would be hard than it looked … yours looks amazing!

    • rachel says:

      Thank you! This was really almost embarrassingly easy. But the birthday bunting I made is only slightly harder: you cut the triangles with pinking shears (no hemming – hooray!) and just sew them into bias binding. I have just remembered it’s nearly time to get out my Christmas bunting, too. #buntallthethings

  4. Jen says:

    Great advice Rachel!! Love that phrase, and your lovely cheery bunting :) x #loveyourhome

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