About me

Policy wonk, homemaker, bureaucrat, feminist, socialist, vegetarian, cakebaker.

Rachel, blog authorI am a thirty-something mother of three, living in East London (not the fashionable bit) with my husband and daughters.

I like:
Lindor chocolates, sleeping in, drinking champagne, storage solutions, a freshly-made bed, family photographs, writing, wooden play food, browsing in markets, cheese, shopping online, reading blogs, drinking cups of tea, singing, cats, reading, glitter, social justice, eBay, serifed fonts, hardback books, maps of London, Autumn, things that are shaped like stars…

I don’t like:
Clutter, ignorance, the ubiquity of the colour pink for little girls, the Tories, sleepless nights, shoes that make my feet hurt, red peppers, comic sans, inequality, people slagging off London, catalogue-style interiors, mysterious damp patches, chipped nail varnish …



3 Responses to About me

  1. Rose Holman says:

    Hi! I just found your blog via a link on mumsnet and I just wanted to say I love it and will be popping back regularly! Keep up the great, and inspirational, work. I’m off to try to buy a box of 100 puffin postcards too.

  2. Vikki says:

    Just found your blog whilst sitting on the settee half watching trashy tv and half surfing on the iPad (not mine but borrowed .. Can’t say I am convinced but quicker than firing up the very slow and vey noisy laptop) … And for first time was minded to actually get all web 2.0 like by commenting! Great blogs that really resonate with me …. Totally get that sense of soothed calm when a long hatched home organisation plan actually works out… Will be back to read more..

  3. Anna says:

    Hi, just found your blog through the Late Nite Mummies Club and straight away feel an affinity for it as I also have a daughter called Rosa and a house which needs a lot of love/revamping/DIY! Thanks for all the inspiration so far. Must now stop reading blog posts and get out some paint charts…

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